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There is power in the collective. All levels of effort and participation are welcome. Contact us for more information on how you can be a part of I,Awake.



Level of Participation

Team Leads



Level of Effort: 15-20+ hours per week

Responsibilities include:

 - Working directly with Lead artist, Operations, Advisors, Partners and Collaborators on establishing strategy and  building a successful team

- Communicating clear and specific objectives to team

 - Will assist on creating and overseeing deliverables and timeline

- Will be responsible for achieving weekly goals and sprints

- Will provide weekly status & progress reports

- Will attend minimum of 2 weekly Robot team calls

 - Interested in making full commitment to the I,Awake project 

*If you are interested in leading one of the teams for I,Awake,  fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to set up a meeting.

Team Member

Level of Effort: 5 - 20+ hours per week

Responsibilities include:

- Agree to be responsible for specific deliverables and timelines

- Will work closely with team lead and provide weekly status updates to team lead as necessary

 - Will communicate risks immediately to team lead as needed

- Will attend minimum of 1 weekly meetings

Partner, Advisor, Collaborator

Level of Effort: 1 - 5 hours per week

Responsibilities include:

 - Offer specific expertise, knowledge and advise

- Responsible for keeping up with latest I,Awake updates 

 - Pending on level of expertise and focus, work with a specific team leads to establish strategy, deliverables and timelines

 - Available via email, slack or other digital means for Team Leads and members as needed

 - Will establish expectations and level of involvement with Lead Artist and Operations  


Open Positions

Team Leads

Photographer Lead

Fundraising Lead

Structural Engineer Lead

Mechanical Engineer Lead

Electrical Engineer Lead

Power Lead

Software Lead

Hardware Lead

Pavilion Lead

Robot Support System Lead

Safety Lead

Team Members

Project Managers






Partners, Advisors, Collaborators











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